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Won't it ever end?

Apparently not, since I'm still blogging about it. To those of you still following the ghetto party story, here's the Associated Press's take on it.

Meanwhile, I last checked the comments over at The Lioness's blog before the TLF Auction, and now that I'm home for a few between trips downtown, I see that 10 more comments have appeared there since then. WTF, people. It's Thursday night. Get off your computers and go get wasted. Sheesh.

ADDENDUM: The Statesman also has the story.

I've yet to post my opinion on this whole thing, and I'm hesitant to do so now, particularly because it's not funny. While I think the party theme and some of the costumes I've heard described were insensitive and definitely a bad call, I also suspect that none (or at least very few) of the party goers meant any offense. But I can also see how some would be offended. Many of the students that were at the party are deeply sorry that they offended anyone and can see now that it was a Very Bad Idea. I also think the situation could have been handled better, although I'm the first to admit that I don't have a ready solution as to how it should've been handled and I appreciate the difficulty for the administration. I tend to know and like a lot of people, so I hope this doesn't end in lasting tensions between students. This entire thing could have been avoided if the 1Ls had just organized Bar Golf instead. Our costumes only offended older, upper-middle class white men who work at law firms and will some day be in a position to offer us employ...

Hmmmm, maybe that party wasn't such a good idea either...

I leave you with this quote from our beloved Buffalo Wings & Vodka and then I'm turning off comments.

Has anyone made this joke yet:

"Students accused of being racist for parodying black culture by wearing "afro wigs" denied the charges of insensitivity, claiming that they wore the afro wigs "not to impersonate black people . . . but to impersonate Dean Sager."

Because, if not, somebody should.


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